Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hello friends.....It's been A LONG WHILE

I really should get better at this blogging thing..I don't know why I don't or what gets in the way..OH LIFE! That's what it's called..or just old age.I haven't figured that out just yet.
I have TONS of trips behind us since my last blog..so maybe I'll post some pictures starting where I left off. Tennessee!!
Have a MAGICAL night and I will be back with more photos soon!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Adventure of a different kind....

We are heading north ... I know ! Don't fall out of your chair...But we have decided to go to Pigeon Forge for Spring Break..This flip flop wearing girl is going to freeze but that's what hot tubs are for right ?
I plan on blogging as we go *yea we know how consistent THAT has been in the past..* But it's going to be an ADVENTURE of epic proportions :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Art of Animation

This is going to be a photo dump blog about the Art of Animation Lion King Suites....
We were fortunate enough to stay in them when they were 11 days old.I honestly do not think that anyone had stayed in our room and if they did it wasn't for long.The Lion King section was very empty when we arrived and started to get more people in as the week went along but it still wasn't as busy as I had imagined.The Art of Animation is the newest Disney "value" resort to open.There are 4 sections.Finding Nemo,Cars,Lion King and Little Mermaid.The Little Mermaid is the last section to open and they are the only rooms that are not suites.They are standard rooms like POP or the All Stars rooms.They are priced cheaper than the suites of course.
There were 2 of us that accompanied ESH on her 8th birthday trip to "the World"...Me,Dran and ESH. Daddie was deployed *imagine that?*
We were all impressed with the size of the suite! It was so nice having room to move around and not bump into each other or a bed.It was nice having 3 separate sleeping areas and it holds 6 people! That's a BIG plus for families of a larger size than my family of 3 who can stay at any of the resorts without having to go to a villa or get 2 rooms.
The decorations were so cool!! I loved the tables/stools in the living area with the words to the songs around them!! There were 2 full bathrooms in the room along with a microwave/sink and mini fridge.
Some will say the cost of the room is not worth it but I do believe that it is.Especially for the days you don't spend all day in the park or you don't do a park at all that day.It's well worth the extra size and another bathroom...
I love the ability to touch your KTTW card to the new locks! Your hands are free so you don't have to fumble with putting bags on the floor or food.Very nice touch and it has a hidden Mickey on it too...
I have more photos but these were the only ones I have on my computer at this time...I'll upload more soon!

The table with a bed hidden neatly inside !! The chairs looked like leaves!!

The 1st bathroom...They sell the shower curtains in the gift shop for all of the rooms!!!

The living area...The couch pulls out into a bed..the lamp has a foot touch switch...very cool stuff...

One of my favorite touches in the room

I would love these for ESHs playroom!!

The view of our favorite value...Across Hourglass lake..POP Century.It's weird seeing it from this view finally...

Decorations behind the couch :)

There is a hidden drawer for pillows and such to be stored where you hang your clothes

The bedroom

The walk in shower in the bedroom

I need this tile work done in my bathroom!! I'd never leave it :)

Hidden Mickey's of course in the carpet! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

BBB at DTD for ESH's 8th Birthday!

So the month of August has come and gone already...We managed to make the 8th birthday trip as fun as possible with Daddie deployed.It was up to Mommie and Dran to make sure that Princess ESH got a birthday to remember ....

She hasn't been to the BBB *Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique* since her 5th birthday..she dressed up as Sleeping Beauty AKA Aurora.We did this at Cinderella's Castle and went all out! She wanted out of the dress and the hair down within a few hours of getting all Princessed up.I got some great photos of her dressed up then off it came.So I thought what better way to celebrate than to do the Courtyard package at the BBB at Downtown Disney on her birthday morning.It was simple and something she would be able to wear again.So off we went.
BBB at Downtown Disney

Princess ESH before the transformation ......
 She had no clue that we were heading to the BBB she just thought we were at DTD to do a little shopping..I mean after all that is the BEST ride at WDW right??
I brought a pair of black leggings along because I knew the skirt wouldn't have much fabric to it if the package price was only $89.95 *or something like that*...So with this package she got a twist hair style,4 colored extensions,a BBB Tshirt,A 'tutu',a Birthday girl sash and backpack...Then nails,make up and hair! Honestly there was more attention given to her during this session than the others getting the 'Princess' packages.Her hair style was more than a bun...It was pretty cute if you ask me! I can't wait to try this with her hair at home.
Starting to transform 7 yr old ESH into 8 yr old ESH :)

Trying not to move a muscle 

Lots of hairspray to hold it in place while the nails are being painted

Picking out the jewels for her cheek and getting pink and purple extensions

Makeup being applied

Special Birthday Sash
Her FGIT *Fairy Godmother In Training* was named Veronica.She was very sweet and loved to talk! They both had a lot in common from their favorite Princess who we learned Veronica did her hair every Thursday LOL and it took hours to do...Bet you can't guess who it is :) To their favorite ride at WDW!

I have to say I do NOT like this location as much as I like the castle.It was a wee bit overly crowded in there and was very hot.I don't know how the FGIT's do it...I can see everyone being excited about watching their child getting made into a beautiful Princess...but when you have 15 family members in there and toddlers running all over the place and dad's big butt in my face while I'm trying to watch my daughter get made over it's just not cool.
She had a wonderful time though and didn't complain once about the outfit of choice and is excited because she can wear it to school!
Glitter,Glitter and MORE Glitter!!

ESH and Veronica her FGIT

Princess ESH who is officially 8!!

Pretty in Pink

As we were walking out she spotted the BBB pink umbrella ... she had birthday money that was blowing a hole in her purse and she had to have it...So she bought it and before we got it home one of the metal pieces broke off of it...
All in all it was a fun experience for her :) Being the Mommie of course I saw the "flaws" in everything but she had a MAGICAL time and that's all that mattered to me!!
HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY ESH! You will always be a Princess *Cinderella that is* to me ♥ Mommie

Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer got in the way

Hey everyone
Sorry that I haven't really updated anything since before school got out for summer...
Now that school starts back soon I'm going to get back in the swing of things and I can't wait to
get back to "The World" in the next few weeks to get a lot of new photos to update everyone with.
We are staying in the Art of Animation for the first time in the Lion King suites!! I'm very excited about this and it's a surprise for ESH's 8th birthday! I want to tell her so badly but I just can't bring myself to do it.I like to see the look on her face when she is surprised and hear I LOVE YOU and THANK YOU over and over from her.
I am fumbling through photos to find a ride along on the WEDway *TTA as known to others* and while I do that let's look at WDW circa 1976-1978? ish...
My first trip to WDW was the age of 2! I don't have any vivid memories but I do have Polaroid pictures to remember some of my trips by.

Main Street Fire Department!! 1976 age 2

Mama and me on Cinderella's Carousel!! 1976 age 2

Dopey!! He always has been my favorite ....

I am not sure where this is? I do still have that Minnie Mouse though.. 1978 age 5
I hope you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane.I know that Polaroid film was expensive and there aren't many photos of my trips to Disney World but I do know they are treasures to me. Especially in the digital age we are in now...I bet my parents would have been just as bad as I am about taking thousands of photos of our trips together too.
Come back soon to see more Around "The World" Through My Lens .....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Around "The World" Through My Lens

This tour is dedicated to Lynn Brooks....Around Mexico at Epcot :)

When most people think Epcot they think "educational,boring,or TEST TRACK"....they don't take time to explore all that Epcot is all about.It is nice to just stroll through the park when the crowds are low and enjoy the landscapes,water features and buildings.
Mexico is always the first stop on our way around the World Showcase! And it's our favorite viewing spot for Illuminations because once the show is over we don't have to power walk the rest of the world showcase to leave.

Here are some of my favorite photos around Mexico

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros

One of my favorite photos of these guys!!

Poor Donald!!

Viva Donald!!!

Mexico Pavilion all lit up before Illuminations

Outside of La Hacienda de San Angel

Our favorite spot for Illuminations is in Mexico!!

I hope that you enjoyed your tour around Mexico at Epcot °O°
These are just a few of my favorite photos from our journey around the world showcase...
Keep checking back to see where we are going next!

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Around "The World" Through My Lens

Another Flower and Garden Festival kinda day...There are so many beautiful topiary displays to share and so much to see during this time of year.The breeze was blowing while we were there so it did not make it unbearable and the crowds hadn't reached their peak yet.So we had a few days to enjoy the festival and make it
a leisurely trip Around "The World".
Pooh and Friends

My Favorite Princess Cinderella 

ESH's Favorite Princess Aurora 

Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen were found in Japan

Peter Pan,Cap'n Hook and TickTock ! Tink is sure to be around somewhere .....

I hope you enjoyed your journey around Epcot today...More of the Flower and Garden Festival to come!! I wonder who we will find next ??